Our Services


We provide consulting at concept viability, design development as well as sustainable and organic Product development, Creative direction & Trend forecast (theme & mood board), range planning & Range Development, Collection analysis, Sustainable, Organic & Eco-friendly Textile sourcing, ethical production, quality control, sustainable practices to follow the circular economy.

We have excelled in the industry and is internationally recognized as an innovative force in the fashion & retail sector. As a leading sustainable management consultant, we will audit your current product line and suggest you the road map and blueprint to achieve Sustainable and Ethical Fashion. Our team of experts will help you to go with your Brand value and may align with your existing business goals to desired results. We will provide you technical assistance and sources to achieve the desired goal of sustainable clothing. It’s the right time to switch to ethical fashion to sustain your brand and our ecology. Covid19 crises have changed the world forever, customers will be more eco-sensitive and if you’ll not align your product accordingly, you may be obsolete over the period of time.

Product Development

We provide services for Product Development from the stage of Fashion Trend forecast of color, Fabrics and silhouttes. As per the client need we provide mood boards and range plan as well build strategy, structure, efficient operations, effective management to develop a great product range.

Our Pan-India and Sub-Continent reach leverage long experience an established supply chain allows our clients to avail the right product at the time in the required quality at the lowest price. We build the bridge and mediate for our clients as their representative in India & the sub-continent. We provide you with the complete one-stop solution from offering design input, product development, Fit & PP sampling, order placement, order follow up, quality control and assurance, logistical follow up till the goods reach our client's warehouse. We make design strategy, Internal Calendar and SOPs aligned with the Brand objectives. if required we work at the presentation of trends, themes, color, mood board, fabrics with option plan and design range plan. 


We have decades of experience in Sustainable, Organic clothing. We have expertise in fashion product Sourcing and product development needs from India and the Indian sub-continent. We work from the Fabric sourcing stage based on trend forecast, client mood board, Price negotiation with fabric mill based on the count, construction, GSM & composition. We also take care of new fabric quality, base & prints development based on international trend forecast, client & product needs. We connect clients with the right source of the manufacturer to deliver products at the right time in the right quality at the right price.

We assist all our clients from the identification of suppliers, manufacturers and researching and vetting of new suppliers, communicating with them, negotiating prices, delivery methods and timing of delivery. We Identifying the targeted spend area and budget of our clients so as to identify the right supplier or manufacturer. We work closely like an extended team and provide full transparency by making clients visit factories & sending product development to production status with live videos from time to time.


Our Merchandising team work closely with manufacturing division and coordinate with the

other departments to complete its job and to following the production activities.

Merchandising team uses different formats and documents to coordinate with the factory,

like Bill of material (BOM), production file, tech pack etc.

Merchandising process involves the planning and execution of the export order with the

right place, at the right time, in the right quantities, at the right price. It is concerned with all

day to day activities necessary to provide buyers with the merchandise they want to buy.

Hence it involves making execution plans to follow up of running order, from fabric and

accessories in-house to fit sample, Salesman samples, Pre-production samples, size set

approval, followup of initial, mid and final inspection as per planned Time and action plan

considering the buyer's need Merchandiser is the key source of effective communication

with the buyer. The term ‘Merchandising’ has always been a magic word and hot pick of the

cake in the field of apparel and fashion merchandising.

Retail Management

Retail analysis & solution implementation by providing a business plan, range plan and calendar, product mix solution and price point direction for business growth and positive ROI. Brands sourcing solution product development and manufacturing management. We provide consulting solutions on Marketing strategy and implementation, Business Analysis, Budget planning, Financial analysis, Business development strategy, Product positioning, Brand management & communication.

Develop seasonal merchandising strategies, Range Plan, like product mix, supplier mix, price point strategies, etc based on the retail architect. Prepared the OTB (Open to Buy Plan) for the category, and planned for the merchandise inventory at the right margins to support the sales plan. We work at Business Analysis and Gap Identification Through Sales and Stock, Profit and Margin Analysis as well as Other parameters like SPSF, MDQ & MBQ. We not only help to new and growing brands by making the buying plan and range plan with price point strategy but also assist them for business viability at the end of the season for growth prospects by working at sale Data to understand P&L and ROI.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance with systematic measurement, comparison with a standard, monitoring of processes and an associated feedback loop that confers error prevention helps our clients.Quality Assurance builds quality into each step of the manufacturing process including designing, production. Textile products are assessed for quality in the preproduction phase from raw material to, during production with a final inspection after the product has been completed.This process includes Raw material checking from fabric to accessories for colorfastness, shrinkage, crocking, Pilling, weaving defect, canter selvage, bowing and skewing, contamination, color matching, printing defects, etc.

We follow 3 tier quality assurance model from inspection at Initial production stage to check if all sizes are in sync with given buyers requirement to 2nd stage where inspection happened in the mid of production process to check if all assembly lines are delivering even products and 3rd inspection happens before dispatching merchandise when 100% goods are packed to cross-check if things are aligned as per documentation and goods are packed as per buyers given specification with all branding and accessories